Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I'm Still Amazed

Today's Run:
On treadmill
Max HR 191
Average HR 155
Time 40 minutes
Distance 2.94
Speed 3-5.5MPH

I'm running 25 minutes without walking in the middle. My routine now is walk 5 minutes, run 25 minutes, walk 10minutes. The "couch to 5k" routine has been perfect for me. Every time I run I am challenged and I feel stronger every time I finish. In a few weeks I'll be running 3.2 miles with ease, then I'll have to work on my time. My first 5k is in September and I want to finish with a good time.

I also ran on empty again today. running before breakfast seemed impossible but so far I enjoy it. I like to get up and go, getting my run done first thing is so nice. I hate the feeling of trying to find time later in the day.

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