Monday, June 8, 2009

Before Breakfast Run

Today's Run:On treadmill
Max HR 213
Average HR 148
Time 35 minutes
Distance 2.3
Speed 3-5.5MPH

So I don't think my max HR is accurate today, I didn't go that crazy. I did run before I ate breakfast though, and it went well.

I read (in a few books) that running before breakfast will burn more fat because of the lack of glycogen in the system, your body starts using fat for energy. If done for much longer than 30min (at high intensity) it could be more harm than good, eating away your muscle. This idea is very controversial, but when you need to lose a large amount of fat it is (supposedly) effective. Strength training is also recommended and I do that as well so I can maintain my lean muscle mass. I like the idea of running first thing because it feels good to just get it done. Running is great it makes me feel good but I hate having to get up... eat... wait for a while... then run... cool down etc... So I'm going to try this and see what kind of results I get and how I continue to feel. Muscle cramping in my right leg was a problem today for a bit, I don't think I drank enough water before I ran. Next time I want to drink a few glasses of water first and see how I do.

The thing that cut my run short today is a blister on my foot rubbing on my shoe. I'll have to get a blister bandage they work great and cushion the blister so I can run without pain. Since I ran yesterday I didn't mind cutting things short, I didn't want to blister more. When I used to do Karate my feet would blister but when new skin grew back it was tough and wouldn't blister again. I imagine it is the same with running, my feet need to be broken in and toughened up. Another improvement stronger skin on my feet, lol.

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