Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hot in Chicago

Today's Run:
On treadmill
Max HR 192
Average HR 163
Time 40 minutes
Distance 3 miles
Speed 3-6MPH

Today it was so hot in my room (where I run). I turned my fan on high and drank cold water. I haven't been sleeping well either just very hot upstairs. I had a hard time breathing and more than the normal challenge. My max heart rate didn't get too far up there but my average is elevated. Today's run was supposed to be 28 minutes no walking but I had to stop short at about 23 minutes running then I ran the last 5 after a 2 minute walk. The heat is my enemy, I think it's time to move the treadmill to the basement.

Running before breakfast is still doing well If I had ate this morning before I ran I might have gotten sick. I do workout later in my day as well after I eat to maintain and hopefully build muscle. When I go to the gym I do strength training and a little more cardio. So far I feel like I'm more fit everyday and I want to keep on going.

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