Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Still with it, still taking it slow. My knee has been doing well, some pain here and there but not so much when running. Today I ran/walked 2.5 miles in 40 minutes, 3miles in 50minutes and strength training. My max heart rate 194 average 139. I ran 90 seconds at 6MPH and 3minutes 5MPH walking between at 3-3.2MPH. It is still a challenge to run, but it does feel like I am improving every time I do run. My main issue is my breathing but hat will come in time, my legs feel good.
Soon I'll get my new shoes! I told myself if I stuck with it for a month I would get shoes and my birthday is coming up so it will be a gift to myself too. Only 4 more runs until I'm done with week 4!


  1. HI there! Thanks for stopping by my blog. We're totally in the same space! My heart rate is even similar to yours when I first started. I've stopped using my monitor because it was giving me an excuse to stop - when it didn't recover quickly I would slow down. Now I have no idea where it is anymore!

    Keep on keeping on - doesn't it make you feel great?

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  3. Oops removed my post...
    Thanks Mel, I need the encourgement. I do feel great. Every other time I tried to become a runner I just went and did it and couldn't go very far. Discouraged that I couldn't just run I would give up. Working up to running is working so much better.