Thursday, July 30, 2009

It's All Mental

Today's Run:
On treadmill
Max HR 194
Average HR 160
Time 30 minutes
Distance 2.4 miles?
Speed 3-6MPH

Wow today's run was a lot different than my last run. I did five minutes less of cool down and ran for 20 minutes with no walking. It is so hard after having that break, my legs were hurting a little through the whole run and it became very difficult to breathe after 10 minutes. I think my max HR was for the last eight minutes of the run or so. So I think I'm going to do two 10 minute runs the next time I run and then go to a 25 minute straight run the following run. from there I can do three 25 minute runs, then three 28 minute runs, and my 30 minute run. Once I'm there, I think I just need to get my speed up. The race I'm going to run is in the beginning of September, so I need to be able to do 5k by then. I might start to run outside soon, but only once a week to get ready for it.

I'm still amazed at what our bodies can do. I was off for about a month and feel like I can get back on track. I'm glad I wen back a few weeks I don't want to risk injury, and this feels challenging, but good. I can't wait until I can run 30 minutes again!

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